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Welcome To My Book Store

Welcome to my bookstore. I hope you will enjoy visiting my site often. I intend to provide access to many different authors and titles but would ask you to bear with me, as it is a time-consuming task, to program everything onto these pages. Please feel free to contact me via my guestbook with requests to include titles and authors, also send me YOUR reviews on books that you read.
Thank you,

  • My Guest Book

    The Book Nooks

    For buffs and connossieurs alike,a selection of books on this magnificent ship, now the subject of a movie and a stage musical.
    Michael Crichton, William Bernhardt and Patricia Cornwell
    Some of the finest in legal/detective type novels.
    Legal Books
    A library of knowledge to help you, whether you have a lawyer, or not. Information to help you within the justice system.
    Eric Carle and Patricia Polacco
    A selection of titles for younger children, by these two favourite authors. Enhance your child's imagination and bookshelf!
    More Books For Children
    (currently under construction)Reviews by children themselves. A selection of books for older children.
    Elizabeth George
    Fans of this writer will find most of the titles she has in print, here.
    Literature about the Holocaust
    A selection of books about the Holocaust, memoirs, compilations, etc Currently undergoing additional construction.
    The Top Ten Inspirational Books
    A page of books to help you in all aspects of your family life.
    Books For Writers
    Some books that I have found which offer practical advice for writers, or are invaluable references.

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