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I'm a great believer in that childhood should be a magical time, and that learning should be fun, not a chore. I believe in toys that come alive, and animals that talk; magical lands of fairies, princesses and Father Christmas. The following sites are full of fun things, or links to other pages of fun things! ENJOY!!!!!
  • Winnie The Pooh and Friends
  • Scholastic
  • PBS
  • Nanny Becca's
  • Lego
  • Education World
  • Jack Hanna's Animal Kingdom

    I'm constructing a site for children's books at

  • Kids Books.

    Great authors at discount prices, mean you can fill your child's bookshelf with quality books at less than you would from the bookstore in your local mall. Reading is one of the greatest gifts that you can give a child. E-mail me with authors and titles you want to see included, and tell me why you and your children like that particular title. My address is:
    I'm also working on another site at

  • Raising A Brighter Child that will eventually link to educational and fun sites all over the world. Learning is FUN, and that's the message on this page. It's a slow process - I seem to run out of time!!!


    I don't know about you but I'm definitely a freebie fan. These take you to places where you can get refunds, or freebies, or coupons off everyday items. You should find something you'll like!
  • Frugal Corner
  • Next to Nothing
  • Debi's Playground
  • Click on Coupons

    Child Abuse Resources

  • For The Love Of The Children is a page I'm devoting to resources for child abuse prevention.

    Here are some of my
  • favourite things.

    When Bad Things Happen To Good People

    Many of us watch tv every day, and see bad things happening, and we think "how awful" but we really don't expect any of those bad things to happen to us, or someone we love. Well, almost three years ago, something happened in my family, to turn our lives upside down. Only then did I realize that things are not always as they seem. What was, to us, something that could be cleared up simply by following a paper trail to find the truth, ended up as months of hell, as my daughter was charged with a crime she did not commit, and it seemed nobody cared what the truth was, or who really did what.
    I really believe that things happen for a reason, and maybe I needed the personal jolt, to start getting involved. If something's wrong, it needs to be fixed. I'm going to include links to various "help" sites.
    These first sites are to help those falsely accused of child abuse. Each of them, in turn, can lead you to others. You may think, "oh, I won't need anything like that." You never know. You'd be surprized how many INNOCENT people are accused of child abuse. What is even more awful is how many of those are languishing in jails across the country. What can you do if you are falsely accused? Read Dean Tong's book
  • Ashes To Ashes: Families To Dust for all the info of what you need to do, and how to go about doing it. Dean is very active in helping those falsely accused. He also does speaking arrangements, and can be contacted via his home page below.
  • The A-Team
  • Dean Tong's Home Page
  • Expert Pages
  • Cyberhood Resources - More Help For Fathers
  • Mothers Against MSBP Allegations This is a support group for those accused of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy - one of the latest allegations thrown around by CPS and other workers who need to make a false allegation stick. Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy is a devastating illness, and very real, but TRUE sufferers need help NOT prosecution!!

    Go here to read part 1 of

  • Galina's Story My daughter and grandchildren now live in England, and what happened to her is just a still bitter, but gradually fading, memory. We have left the site up simply as a reminder of what we went through with the state of Florida. Even after the DA told us he never thought Galina had committed the crime of which she was accused, the state never offered any apologies or an explanation of why they persecuted her in the manner that they did!

    This next link is for those with family members or loved ones who are incarcerated. It has lots of resources that might help with coping.


    This site is for those who are willing to become involved in the MANY fights for justice that are going on. Letter-writing, forwarding e-mail, helping to get these stories of WRONGS out into the public eye, and of course, to get support if you are one of those falsely accused!

  • The Liberty Activists Site

    This site has links to various activist and correctional facility sites all over the U.S.A. A veritable wealth of information, just for the looking!

  • WD9T's Favorite Law Enforcement Sites

    And finally, a page where you can link through to read the TRUE stories of some of these victims. Remember, these are all people whose lives have been turned upside down by allegations from somebody else, and who were prosecuted on that basis. Their stories are all different but they are full of the same injustices and pain. It is never over, nobody can give you back the time that you were arrested or imprisoned.

  • True Stories Of The Falsely Accused

    Rose's Bookstore

    Well, my bookstore, although I will constantly be adding pages to it! - is open and ready for business. I hope to bring you a wide selection of books, at less than publisher's prices. Currently, I have some children's books, mystery/detective/legal thrillers, books about the Holocaust, books providing legal advice, and I am not finished yet! Please e-mail me with titles and authors that you would like to see included, also reviews of your favourite books. Just click on the link and go to
  • "Rose's Book Store" if you are in the U.S.A.
  • Amazon Books, if you are in the U.K. or Europe