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Hi Everyone!


Welcome to my page. Well, I surprised myself the other day, checking on here and finding I hadn't updated this in a couple of years! AGAIN! How can time go by so quickly? It really didn't seem that long. So, had to set to and rectify the problem.

I've been living in South Carolina now for seven years. I LOVE IT!! It's really beautiful - so many waterfalls and old mill relics around here. I am thoroughly spoiled. Plenty to indulge my love of history, in. Also lots of inspiration for my writing.

I have found my niche - a place that I love, wonderful people wherever I go (to the store, my doctor) - everyone is like family in a way, there's just a real sense of belonging.

Here are some links to some of my other pages.

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    Shop for all your AVON needs and have it delivered to your home (or if a gift, to a another address) anywhere in the USA. Not only that, but when you go to the shop page, you can access the ezine which gives you all sorts of info on what's going on with AVON and upcoming products, etc.
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    My hubby finally got the chance to go back to school. Marrying me (with 3 kids in tow) had put that idea on hold some 22 years ago. Finally, about 3 years ago, he was able to work towards some of the qualifications he has wanted to all these years.

    He worked on aircraft when when he was military and has taken that career choice into the civilian sector. He has since obtained both his AirFrame License and FAA License. Obviously, working with aeroplanes for more than 10 years, he was able to complete the courses in a lot less time than somebody who was new to the job. Now he's finishing off his B.Sc degree with Embry Riddle, one of the best aeronautical colleges in the US.

    Rose Dempsey