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Shadows of Treblinka
Due to be out September 1998. By Miriam Kuperhand
The Trial of Ivan the Terrible: State of Israel vs. John Demjanjuk
An account of the trial of the man many survivors recognized as a sadistic guard at this death camp. by Tom Teicholz
by George Steiner
Surviving Treblinka
by Samuel Willenberg, et al.
Ivan the Terrible: The Demjanjuk Trial
by Amir Shavin
The Death Camp Treblinka: A Documentary
Edited by Alexander Donat
Trap With A Fence: Survival in Treblinka (Jewish Lives)
by Richard Glazar et al.
by Jean-Francois Steiner et al.

The Holocaust Newsletter

Obviously, you would not be at this site unless you had some kind of an interest in the Jewish Holocaust. There is an excellent site, dedicated to the Holocaust, to the survivors and those who perished. It is

  • The Holocaust Homepage.
    There are links to other sites, a newsletter to subscribe to, a chat area and bulletin board. It is a wonderful resource by students of all ages. Jennifer Rosenberg has put a lot of time and effort into making this site what it is. Please take time to visit.

    England has announced the recognition of the Holocaust with a special day each year. It has decided that January 27th will become Holocaust Memorial Day, and will be honoured as such. The date is significant, in that it is the date of the liberation of Auschwitz. Let us remember them all, Jews, Gypsies, the old, the infirm, all who perished, and those who survived to tell of the horror.

    Amazon Books: All the above links go to the American Amazon Books site. This link is for readers in the U.K. and Western Europe.

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