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TITANIC buffs - these are for you!

  • Titanic: The Official Story, April 14-15 1912
    Not a book, but a collection of fascimiles of documents pertaining to the ill-fated ship. A must for any Titanic enthusiast, and a wonderful way to introduce older children to her magical pull.

  • Lost Liners : From The Titanic To The Andrea Doria
    A wonderful book. When I browsed through it in the mall, I knew I had to have it. No new material, but beautiful photos of some of the most glorious ships ever to have sailed.

    Although aimed at the 4-8 age group, this beautiful book will appeal to adult Titanic lovers too. It is sure to whet the appetite of any youngster lucky enough to receive it! Hark - a new generation of Titanic lovers cometh.

  • On Board The Titanic: What It Was Like When The Great Liner Sank
    Aimed at 9-12 year olds. An interesting account to entice young minds.

  • Titanic Survivor: The Newly Discovered Memoirs of Violet Jessop Who Survived Both the Titanic And Brittanic Disasters
    Violet Jessop worked for the White Star Line as a stewardess and managed to survive incidents involving not only the Titanic and Brittanic, but also the Olympic. Here is her true story.

  • Titanic Voices: Memories From The Fateful Voyage
    A collection of survivors recollections of the tragic maiden voyage.

  • Titanic At Two AM: An Illustrated Narrative With Survivor Accounts
    Beautifully illustrated and riveting accounts of that fateful night, from some of the people who survived

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