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Fun Sites For Adults

This is probably equivalent to a PG rating at the movies. These are silly, nonsensical or other sites, which really aren't suitable for little ones but bring back memories for, or raise a chuckle, from those of us in the "grey" area of life. Please be aware that some of these have "adult language" - which, when you consider it, doesn't exactly mean what it says.


I found some worthwhile places for exploration, for those fans of this cult classic.
  • Cosmo's Factory is a wealth of info,pics and other stuff.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fun Factory is another treasure chest for afficianados to open.
    Although last, definitely not least, is
  • Magenta's Home Page.
    For those among us, who have memories of this movie, or the stageshow itself, these places are an excellent delve into memory lane.

    Click Here!


    I grew up with Monty Python, in all it's tawdry glory, and loved every minute of it. It was a wonderful show, full of skits that bordered on the nonsensical - from the sublime to the ridiculous, but what an experience. In all my meanderings on the web, I've found only the following sites worthy of representing Monty's merry band.
  • The Fairly Incomplete And Rather Badly Illustrated Monty Python Webpage is EXCELLENT! A worthwhile trip for any Monty fan, and plenty to sidetrack you.
  • Another Monty Python Website awaits to take you into Monty madness.

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    There are some of us who cannot watch Rowan Atkinson's portayal without tears in our eyes and ending up rolling with laughter. The "Christmas" episode did it for me; I could barely breathe, I was laughing so hard. He, like so much other British comedy, is an acquired taste - and you either love him or hate him. Those of the former ilk can find much to whet their appetites at
  • Mr Bean Goes Internet and at
  • The Official Mr Bean Website.
    There's also a website
  • British Comedy Rules which not only has Mr Bean but other shows including some good old Monty Python!