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TWO YEARS ON .............

To all intents and purposes, this case has been over and done with for over 4 years now; we moved back to England, Galina and her children have been re-united and there are many who think we should just let it go - it's over, we're getting on with our lives. Just forget it! Like a bad dream that you wake up from. But this WASN'T a bad dream, this was someone INTENTIONALLY lying and misleading others, solely to hurt another person. This is about a SYSTEM that failed a family, and about a MISCARRIAGE of justice which nobody wants to try to put right. The State of Florida CANNOT CHANGE what it did to my daughter, but it could attempt to atone for it by admitting its wrongdoing in not prosecuting her accuser for ALL the perjuries that she committed, and APOLOGISING to our family for the deep chasms it created in some of our family relationships.

My husband feels GUILTY because it was his Home State that persecuted my daughter. I feel GUILTY because I truly believed that the TRUTH would come out, and that JUSTICE would prevail, but I reckoned wrong. My grand-daughters were without their mother for half of a year, simply because the only way we could protect them from being CONTINUALLY abused by the system was to send them home to England ahead of us. We MISSED 6 months of their lives. The hurt and the anger is still there; as a family, we find it hard to talk about because Galina trusted me, her mother, to protect her, and I failed. I told her the truth, but it ended up a lie. I did not believe that the State of Florida would so blatantly disregard the truth in order to protect an emotionally and unbalanced woman, simply because she was training to be a corrections officer. I did not believe people who warned me that there was more going on than what I saw, or that some kind of "old boy - you do me this favour, and I'll do this for you" mentality might exist. I gave credit for honesty and goodness, where perhaps I was mistaken and there was none due. I BELIEVED that The State of Florida was concerned with the welfare of my grandson. It's hard to admit you are wrong, but I was. Over and over, I got it WRONG! That State of Florida prosecuted my daughter, when two of it's departments had contradictory statements from it's star witness - when co-operation between the Department of Families and Children, and the States Attorneys Office - the simple reading, side by side, of these two statements would have proven to them, BY THEMSELVES, that my daughter-in-law was a liar and cast doubt on what had happened to my grandson.

As the year 2003 approaches, I want to make an effort to clear my daughter's name and to get her the apology she deserves. In other States, at various times, there have been HONOURABLE men and women, who - having convicted a person, and then realising the wrong in their actions - have become involved in the fight to clear that person's name and RIGHT the INJUSTICE they had previously wrought.I have given careful thought, and with the year 2003 in mind, I would like to ask all who read this and believe in my daughter, to please write to:

Child Abuse/ Child Sexual Abuse Dept.,

Office of the States Attorney,

The Harry T. and Harriette Moore Justice Center,

2825 Judge Fran Jamieson Way,


CASE # 97-17765 CFA-S

The State of Florida v. Galina English

Ask that they look more closely into all the occurrences surrounding this case. In particular:

Discrepancies between 2 separate reports made to agencies working on behalf of The State of Florida

1) #97110244 made to the Brevard County Sheriff's Department, and

2) #97 073630 made to Department of children and Families,

by her accuser.

Since EACH Department believes in the TRUTH of the statement it holds, then what does it call the statement made to the other?

Ask WHY the accuser has not been charged with perjury for these contradictory statements, as per Florida Statutes 837.011, 837.021, and either 837.05 or 837.06.

Ask also, WHY she has not been charged for the deliberately misleading affidavit she filed to cause Galina's bond to be revoked, as per Florida Statutes 837.06 and 903.044(3).

Ask them to ponder on the following thoughts:

WHY a specialist in bruising was not asked to examine my grandson to attempt to clarify the AGE of the bruise when it was first reported.

WHY did nobody wish to talk to the witnesses we told them to question - DCF's workers Helen Scrivener and Yolanda Rivera, paediatrician Dr. Angel Acevedo, Deputy Pat Dean and others?

WHY nobody BOTHERED researching the Suggestibility Studies of Maggie Bruck and Stephen Ceci; Debra A. Poole and Stephen Lindsay; Elizabeth Loftus; Mary Lyn Crottaeu Hoffman, et. al. all of whom have written at length on the ease with which false memories can be implanted into a young child's mind.

WHY nobody looked into the accuser's history of emotional and mental instability, including her being institutionalized twice by a former husband? And why, with such a background, this person ever passed a screening to become a corrections officer?

WHY the investigating CPS worker told the investigating sheriff's officer that my daughter was known to them, and had been investigated many times - yet FAILED to tell him that all of the investigations were unfounded, and that the accuser was to blame for most of them. One, I had called for support in an incident when my daughter was at work, and there was a problem when my granddaughter's father returned her after visitation. The Sheriff was quite adamant that my daughter was to blame - he had been told so by the CPS lady! A lady who had NEVER met my daughter or our family, spoke only to my daughter-in-law and failed to question ALL the other people who were living in her home at the time.

This lady also stated that there were no complaints about my daughter-in-law, yet failed to find reports made against her in previous names concerned not only with my young grandson but with his older brother also.

She did not care for the truth - she wanted a nice, neat open and shut case, so that was what she made it out to be. Why? It was her JOB to protect my grandson.

You may print the above page to accompany your letter if you wish. I would also be grateful if you would send copies to your congressmen/congresswomen and senators, asking them to ask the State of Florida why it allowed this to happen and why it has not bothered to put it right.

I thank you all, on behalf of my daughter and my family.

I no longer am pushing for my ex-daughter-in-law's prosecution for this, on that level we have forgiven. The loss of my older grandson in Nov 2000 to cancer was a turning point in that it brought us together in grief. There is no trust there, but we are on speaking terms. However, our communicating now does not change the fact that the State of Florida failed my family miserably and that my daughter deserves an apology from all concerned.