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For The Love Of The Children

There are many parents out there who are missing their children - children they gave birth to, nurtured and love; some will never be seen alive again. For others there is hope, but only inasmuch as we all get involved and look out for them. These missing children, some abducted by family members in custody disputes, and others far more dangerously by strangers, are out there somewhere. Only by knowing who they are, and looking for their faces in the crowds of people we see each day, is there a chance of returning them safely to those who miss them daily. Those of us who have never lost a child cannot know the pain these families go through, we can only sympathize and pray for them. Polly Klaas will never smile at her family again but her family has not let their loss go unnoticed. Her father speaks out every chance he gets, to forward the fight to raise awareness to the national crisis of missing children.

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Check out their site to find out more about how you can help - it may be by displaying a link on your homepage or by sending a donation. We all need to help! One day, it might be one of our family members who is missing! The more we see these children's faces looking out from our computer screens, the more the possibility that one day we may glance at a face in a store - one with hair colour changed, or cut short, but we'll recognize it as a face we've seen. Every one of these missing children leaves behind a family and friends who love them, who worry about them. 2300 children go missing every day. There is so much pain in the hearts of the people who love them. We NEED to get involved.

We also have responsibilities towards those children who live their lives among us - children whose homes may not be the warm,loving shelter that they are entitled to; whose parents may not be giving them the love and care that is theirs as a right. I am not talking about the parent who slaps a child's butt as a disciplinary measure, but if you are aware of a child who is being beaten and abused, you need to speak up. There are countless organizations to turn to, and most have a local or 1-800 telephone number, and your report is kept anonymous. In fact, you do not even have to give your name.

There are some who survive the most terrible of childhoods and abuse. Two of my favourite authors are Roger Kiser and Dave Pelzer.

  • Orphan : A True Story of Abandonment, Abuse, and Redemption by Roger Dean Kiser

  • A Child Called "It": One Child's Courage to Survive by David Pelzer

    It is up to all of us to learn from their experiences, so that we can save another child who might be in the same situation as they were. Dave has been on "Oprah" before, talking about his experiences. Roger has his own website, "The Sad Orphan Website". These two men have extremely upsetting stories to tell, it is a miracle they survived at all.


    Likewise if you see a child who is not clothed adequate for the climate, or who constantly begs food. Neglect can be just as damaging to a child as abuse. Many organizations will help a family which is struggling financially; being poor is not something to be ashamed of, but turning a blind eye is! Local churches are a good place to start when seeking help - they often have their own social service group; some provide food and clothing, others may help with utility bills or shelter costs. All of these things could make a difference in the life of a child neglected by circumstance, where it is a lack of resources causing the neglect, not a parent who can't be bothered by the child. Also, the United Way has offices in most major towns, and their number should be in the telephone book.

    The following organizations are active in the child abuse forum. They can provide other information if you think a child is being abused.

  • STOP Child Abuse
  • Pat McClendon's Abuse Resources
  • The Child Abuse Yellow Pages

    On a happier note, how about a site that gives you ideas on raising your children to be brighter? this site is currently under construction, but will eventually link to educational sites all over the world - and not only those dealing with formalised education, either. Learning should be fun, and that's what this site hopes to foster.

  • Raising A Brighter Child

    An Insight Into The Minds Of Abusers and Killers

    I have recently read an excellent book by a former FBI profiler, and I believe all parents should read it. By learning how he helped in investigations into missing children, murders, etc, we can glean useful ideas on what to tell our children in order to protect them. They need to know that "strangers" look like ordinary people, but as parents and grandparents, we also need to keep a wary eye about us and NOTICE the people around our children. We must all be vigilant, a child's life may depend on it. In the UK this link is at
  • Journey into Darkness.
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